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[kuh n-suhl-tnt] 

a person who gives professional or expert advice


I don't believe in a traditional way of doing sales and marketing, the world is changing faster than we think. Sales & marketing should be mutually reinforcing eachother and your marketing strategy should seamlessly match your sales strategy and vice versa.

In my perspective that's the biggest opportunity for many companies. 

 Step out of your comfort zone, look at your target group or clients from a different prespective and develop a sales & marketing strategy that truly matches your identity.  


Sales runs through my veins. From my first part-time job I've been working on sales. It was for me a logical step to apply for a sales job as a first step in my career. During my career I developed a strong business to busines skill. For me  sales is way to build bridges, so two worlds can come together. With this approach you always create a benefit for both parties. With my extensive knowledge and experience I can take your business to business sales to the next level and build bridges to generate more business. 

"People buy from people"


In addition to sales, I have a passion for marketing. Marketing is nowadays much more than just a website, brochure or an advertisement. The world has changed and that sometimes goes faster than we expect. The last 10 years I have been in the business to business and business to consumer market therefor i gained knowledge of what is succesful or fails. The most successful companies currently put their resources into online marketing to reach their target audience on personal level at the right time and channel. With my extensive knowledge and experience in marketing i can help you understanding your target group and build a strategy on that.

"If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got"

My story 

My name is Twan Elfers, i'm a sportsfreak with strong interest in fashion, culture and health.

In the summer of '16 I decided that it was time for a new chapter in my working life. The last 10 years I've worked in a corporate and start up environment. During this time I developed myself into a highly driven sales & marketing professional and I gained knowledge about running a business.

With this experience I decided to start my own business under the name cnsltnt [kuh n-suhl-tnt]. With cnsltnt I help companies with their sales & marketing activities, and secondly I participate in start ups which have a fashion, sports or lifestyle background.

"Work hard, play hard"